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  1. Hello Surfriders,
    I would like to make contact with whoever coordinates your local beach clean-ups. Kick Butts Day (cigarette butts that is) is coming up March 24 and I might like to help get something going.
    Please e-mail or call.

  2. Hello,
    My name is Kai and I am a writer with Tri-City Weekly. Working on a story about the Surfrider benefit at the ATL on March 13. Please contact asap.
    Kai Beech
    Entertainment Editor
    Tri-City Weekly
    (707) 441-0508 office
    (619) 599-3021 cell

  3. Hi!

    I wanted to know if you guys sold any of your apparel anywhere in Humboldt? I’ve checked out Greenhouse in Arcata and they said they didn’t carry it.



    • Hi KONG,
      Currently we do not have our merch anywhere except at events where we are tabling. Check out our regular Ocean Nights at the beginning of each month! If you have specific requests/sizes, we can try to work something out and get them to you. Email us at humboldt@surfrider.org

  4. I didn’t see anything on calendar for the Surf For Peace event. Is it going to be held this year, or did I already miss it? I was looking forward to volunteering and I signed up for it on Ocean Night. Someone said they thought it was the 17th of sept, but that’s North Coast Fair and Coastal clean up day. Any clarification? And I would like to be a member as well. Thank You, Ryan Trent.

    • Hi Ryan,
      Sorry, our calendar is slightly outdated! We’re on it…check for more updates soon.
      Surf 4 Peace is on Sun, Sept 18th at the North Jetty this year. We’re having a beach clean-up the day before to coincide with Coastal Clean Up Day.
      We’d love to have your membership! You can sign up in person at any of our events, or you can go to surfrider.org and sign up online. (Just make sure to put *Humboldt* as your chapter, that way we get a kick back. :)

  5. Aloha, wanted to see your upcoming events for the month of January and February. If you email them to me, my husband and family would love to go to them.

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