More on Glenn Stockwell paddle-out and memorial

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Schedule: We’ll gather at the beach by Trinidad Harbor at 1 p.m. so we can paddle out and have the ceremony on the water by 2 p.m. Those who do not want to or are unable to paddle out can view the ceremony from the memorial lighthouse at the top of the hill. (There is a 5.3′ high tide at 10:42 a.m.)

The memorial gathering at Merriman’s begins at 3 p.m. and will include an announcement (about 4 p.m.) regarding a $10,000 donation from Glenn’s parents, Wayne and Bernice Stockwell. A scholarship fund will be set up through Humboldt Area Foundation; Humboldt Surfriders will man a donation table at the party as well.

Parking: The lot at Merriman’s will likely get pretty full with beach-goers midday on a Saturday; we’re thinking of setting up a shuttle service, but people should be ready to walk down the hill and definitely not park in the Moonstone Grill parking lot.

Food and Drink
: Humboldt Surfriders is providing water, soda, the hot meal (BBQ), salad and bread for everyone as well as plates, utensils, napkins, etc. (Expenses will be reimbursed from the GWS account.) BYOB. Potluck-style contributions encouraged.

Music: Hopefully, Sandy Flippin’s band Likely Story. Seeking other “subdued” background music.

Shrine material: Please bring photos or other memorabilia appropriate for remembering/honoring Glenn.

Volunteers needed! Email


4 Responses

  1. Just came across this. Is this the Glenn Stockwell who was a college professor and was in the Army Security Agency in Germany in 1961-1963?

  2. Just came across this. Is this the Glenn Stockwell who was a college professor and was in the Army Security Agency inm Germany in 1961- 1963?

  3. @ Bob Barker it has to be that Glenn Stockwell, he was one of my teacher at College of the Redwoods. I took a class «Modern World Problems»

    cheers from Zurich, Switzerland

  4. Glenn picked me and three other College of the Redwoods students hitchiking on his way to surf one day in Trinidad. He was one of my favorite professors; I still watch the Leher hour regulary thanks to him. God rest his soul that gold old long boarder.

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