once again, FRIDAY, OCT. 10th

FRIDAY, OCT. 10th!!!

Way back in 1991, Surfrider Foundation won a landmark health victory in Humboldt County, making both the waves and beaches a safer place for the community to enjoy.

We’re fortunate that, unlike most of California’s coastline, we don’t struggle with the constant effects of pollution, but still, we’re hardly safe – and we need to be at the table as discussions about our coastal future take place.

For example: the threat of offshore oil drilling, questions about wave energy, rotting styrofoam dock moorings littering our beaches (thanks, Hugh and Bill for pointing those out)… these are just a few concerns those who care about Humboldt’s beaches, ocean and waves have shared.

So, Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter is coming back.

But before we get too serious, we’re planning to have fun!

Please come out to the Surfrider Shindig at the Wharfinger Building, Friday, Oct. 10 from 6 to 9 p.m. We’ll have beer, wine, snacks and music – and catch up on what’s been happening with Humboldt Surfriders and where we’re going now.

Help needed! Volunteer, join or get info through humboldt@surfrider.org.


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