Regarding the Fields Landing diesel spill

Eureka Reporter: Tainted eel grass top priority. (Today)

While it’s unknown how much wildlife has been impacted by the weekend diesel spill near the Fields Landing boat ramp, collecting tainted eel grass is the top priority for the U.S. Coast Guard. “I don’t believe there’s any impacted wildlife at this point,” U.S. Coast Guard Group Humboldt Bay Marine Safety Detachment Supervisor Thomas Haug said. ‘”The more apparent one is the eel grass collecting around there — it migrates under the boons … because of the tides, it doesn’t stay on the surface.” An estimated 150 gallons of diesel fuel was released into Humboldt Bay on Saturday evening after a docked wooden-hull, whaler-type boat sank off the commercial dock adjacent to the Fields Landing boat ramp, Haug said. Of that, about 70 gallons had been recovered as of Monday afternoon, he said…

Times-Standard: Fuel spill clean-up goes on. (Today)

The 100-foot Allen Cody rested on the bottom of Humboldt Bay Monday as crews kept busy trying to contain and clean up the diesel fuel that spilled when it sank two days earlier…

ER: Diesel spill. (Sunday)

Evidence of the spill could be seen in the fuel-laden water around the Fields Landing boat ramp, as well as along the rock jetty near the Gill’s by the Bay restaurant in King Salmon…


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