Agate Beach – beware!

For those folks who like to watch Patrick’s Point from the overlook at Agate Beach, be aware that erosion has caused about three acres of the bluff to have “slumped down,” making the edge acutely unstable. The overlook at Agate Beach has once again been fenced off. Anyone behind the fence will receive a citation, according to State Park Ranger Javier Moraleswithout receiving a warning first.

So be careful. As in, don’t put yourself in danger.

Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

Thanks to Bill L. for the tip.


Wave energy talk happening, action held

(Thanks to Terry for the heads up.)

Steve Hackett speaks tonight, Oct. 23 from 5:30 to 7 p.m. in Founders Hall Room 118 on “Economic and Social Considerations for Wave Energy Development in California.”

More on the talk below, but first note, from today’s T-S:

Wave energy contract denied
John Driscoll/The Times-Standard
Article Launched: 10/22/2008 01:29:39 AM PDT

State utility regulators last week rejected the first wave energy application they’ve ever considered, denying a contract for a project off the Humboldt County coast.

In its decision last week, the California Public Utilities Commission turned down a Pacific Gas and Electric Co. application to buy power from a small pilot project to test wave buoy technology developed by Canadian company Finavera Renewables. The commission determined that the project isn’t viable, that Finavera’s bid doesn’t compare to others in PG&E’s renewable energy portfolio and that the contract price for the power isn’t reasonable. (Read the rest of the story here.)

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ideas, projects, meetings

So, based on feedback at the Shindig (as well as word on the beach), we’ve lined up some projects:

  1. Continue highway clean-up in honor of Glenn Stockwell.
  2. Establish regular beach clean-ups.
  3. Install trash, recycling and dog doo cans at Camel Rock.
  4. Get Moonstone shower going again.
  5. Fix Jetty shower!
  6. Establish water quality testing program; solve Clam Beach problem.

That’s the starter list. Wanna be part of things? Come to our meeting Monday, Dec. 1. Location to be announced – subscribe to or bookmark this blog, or sign up on our email list via

Well, that was fun! Additional thanks to KSLG and KHUM!

The Shindig exceeded expectations.

Thank you, Mike Dronkers, for creating excellent PSAs and to KHUM and KSLG for running them.

Thanks to all the fab raffle sponsors; to Ukesperience for the excellent music; to Big Pete’s for the pizza; to Edie for the cookies; to Bien Padre for the chips; Matt O’Brien for the T-shirts; Gail and Chad for helping with the raffle and the beer, respectively; Ree, Brian, Alex, Bobby, Kaylee, Delia, Nick, Will, Russ and Daphne for all their volunteer efforts  – and a big, mackin’, epic thank you to everyone who came out, especially the 30-plus new/renewing members, everyone who, combined, spent hundreds of dollars on raffle tickets and all the folks who added their concerns to our list of issues for Surfrider’s Humboldt Chapter to tackle.

Those concerns included, but were not limited to:

Offshore oil drilling
Wave energy
Jetty shower
Styrofoam dock moorings on beach
Dog crap (this was a popular complaint)
Lack of recycling and garbage facilities
Moonstone shower
Camel Cam (pro and con)

Meeting date to be announced soon.

Actual issues, projects, programs

… and of course, an additional point of the party, besides having fun, is launching the Humboldt Chapter of Surfrider back into active existence. Everyone will have a chance to contribute ideas, share concerns, volunteer or otherwise draw attention to beach and ocean access and environmental issues.

Quick list:

fix the Jetty shower
Moonstone shower?
remove styrofoam dock moorings from beach
beach clean-up efforts
Rise Above Plastics
wave energy forum
stance on port development, offshore oil drilling, MLPAs and other relevant area political issues

Add your own in the comment section.


The north winds blow, but Surfrider Shindig scheduled to rock.

Sure, you’ve heard it before, but now, Shindig postings feature new and improved information! Woohoo! Spread the word. Get on your cell like you’re calling your buddy to say XXXXXXX is going off!
Note the amazing amount of killer raffle items!
The return of Surfrider Foundation’s Humboldt chapter officially begins Friday, Oct. 10 with a party at the Wharfinger Building from 6 to 9 p.m. Free beer! Snacks! Surf flicks! Music provided, appropriately enough, by Ukesperience, Humboldt’s greatest ukulele band. Membership in Surfrider encouraged, but not required – membership forms will be available for those interested. Everyone who signs up gets a free raffle ticket and discounted T-shirt featuring the awesome new Humboldt logo by Matt O’Brien.

Raffle and silent auction items include:

hair care sets from Jessicurl;
gift certificate to Plaza Grill;

“Misadventures in Surfing” from Northtown Books;
a sweet skimboard from the Pro Sports Center;
free float at Chumayo Spa;
a two-pillow and blanket set from Arcata Exchange;
a Humboldt Brews hoodie;
ding repair certificate from Johnny Redboard;
gift certificate to Tomo;
gift certificate and pint glass from Six Rivers Brewery;
“Surfing Women of the Waves” from Plaza Design;
a North Coast Co-op hoodie;
gift certificate from Video Experience;
handcrafted wooden boxes from Born Again Boards;
a pair of tickets to Mason Jennings;
a $100 gift certificate to Greenhouse, courtesy Tony Andreoli;
a Greenhouse hoodie, also courtesy Tony Andreoli;
massage certificates from Kirsten Lamski;
gift certificate to Catch Café;
Salty’s T-shirt and sweatshirt;
gift baskets from Ohana Organics;
gift certificate from Figuerido’s;
free surf lesson and T-shirt from Humboldt Ocean Adventures;
Mad River Brewery sweatshirt and pint glasses;
AMPT T-shirts and skate deck;
gift certificate from Doggy-Do salon;
gift certificate, mug and EPIC coffee from Beachcomber Café;
photography session at Arcata Photo Studios;
surf camp lessons from Moonstone Beach Surf Camp
fish dish by Marty Schartz
***Greenhouse Boardshop T-shirt, skate deck and awesome 5’11” fish surfboard!***

Opportunities available to volunteer and otherwise express concerns affecting Humboldt’s oceans, beaches and waves.

Thanks to all our generous sponsors and to Ree for helping gather the goods.

Further info via

FREE BEER party party party this Friday

One more time…
Surfrider Shindig Chapter kickoff this Friday!

This Friday evening from 6 to 9 p.m., the new Humboldt Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation is throwing a party in Eureka’s Wharfinger Building (map). 

Beer! Snacks! Surf flicks! Music by Ukesperience! Raffles! 

Open to all – membership and volunteer opportunities available. 

Bring the kids! We’ll have “Surf’s Up!” grom zone. 

Feel like R.S.V.P.-ing? Have questions? Email

Plenty of raffle prizes have been gathered so far – donations (beer, wine, random good stuff or the ever-popular cash) happily accepted.

Email if you have something to offer. 

A partial list of donors:
Greenhouse Boardshop 


Plaza Grill 


Ohana Organics 

Humboldt Brewery 

Northtown Books 

North Coast Co-op 

Matt O’Brien
Shawn Griggs
Arcata Photo Studios 
… and many more! 

(Have a business? Or some cash? Be part of things!)

Need more info? 
Listen to KHSU’s “Econews”, archived here. Click on “Most Recent.”

Or listen to KHUM’s “Coastal Currents” via podcast. 

You don’t have to be a member to come – but we hope you’ll want to sign up when you do! If you want to join or need to renew, but can’t make it to the Shindig, become a member through the site – and don’t forget to choose “Humboldt” from the pull-down menu! Thanks! 

Special thanks to 
Humboldt Baykeeper for all the help.