Well, that was fun! Additional thanks to KSLG and KHUM!

The Shindig exceeded expectations.

Thank you, Mike Dronkers, for creating excellent PSAs and to KHUM and KSLG for running them.

Thanks to all the fab raffle sponsors; to Ukesperience for the excellent music; to Big Pete’s for the pizza; to Edie for the cookies; to Bien Padre for the chips; Matt O’Brien for the T-shirts; Gail and Chad for helping with the raffle and the beer, respectively; Ree, Brian, Alex, Bobby, Kaylee, Delia, Nick, Will, Russ and Daphne for all their volunteer efforts  – and a big, mackin’, epic thank you to everyone who came out, especially the 30-plus new/renewing members, everyone who, combined, spent hundreds of dollars on raffle tickets and all the folks who added their concerns to our list of issues for Surfrider’s Humboldt Chapter to tackle.

Those concerns included, but were not limited to:

Offshore oil drilling
Wave energy
Jetty shower
Styrofoam dock moorings on beach
Dog crap (this was a popular complaint)
Lack of recycling and garbage facilities
Moonstone shower
Camel Cam (pro and con)

Meeting date to be announced soon.


One Response

  1. Looks like a success! Nice job, Jen and everyone. For those who wanted to go but couldn’t, will there be photos?

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