Dock debris

As many have noticed, those cement-and-styrofoam blocks continue to wash up on the beach. Recently, Bill L. spotted a chunk of them floating out to sea through the Harbor Entrance. Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District Chief Executive Officer Dave Hull says the Coast Guard is aware of this “navigational hazard” and should be plucking it out of the water as soon as they contact the responsible party. 

Will keep all posted. While the immediate threat to surfers is apparently minimal, it’s likely an environmental impact exists (due to the deteriorating styrofoam). Hull recommended calling the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office (445-7251) to report the blocks.


One Response

  1. These blocks are becoming legendary.
    From Eureka with Love!
    A colleague of mine was leading a bird hike at Stone Lagoon for visitors to Redwood National Park. Some members of the group had traveled all the way from Europe with hopes of witnessing plovers and adding them to their lifelong bird list. Plovers have become rare in other parts of the world due to coastal development and pollution. Lo and behold, as the birders approached the beach, they saw a piece of the old Eureka Boat Basin washed up at Stone Lagoon. The concrete float was disintegrating and spewing styrofoam into the protected Snowy Plover habitat.

    I know there are other stories about the blocks out there. Do share… Like the story about a surfer totaling his truck after colliding with a block mostly submerged in the sand! Or the urban legend that the blocks are septic tanks that washed to the ocean through bluff erosion at Big Lagoon.

    Thanks for the post Jen. Keep us in the loop when the “responsible party” is identified.

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