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dock block

dock block


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  1. We saw one just South of the new Friends of the Dune trail in Manila. Lots of clams and barnacles!

    There’s also an awesome mess of wood beams near it….I would love to know what it is.

  2. […] the blocks are removed. They pose a serious environmental threat, so the sooner, the better. Also, if you see any of these blocks, let us know – we’re collecting data on locations to help inventory how many are out […]

  3. saw one on Agate Beach half way to Big Lagoon on 12/1.

    Mike and Elizabeth said they saw 3 blocks plus a bunch of treated wood off the Malel Dunes in Manila on 11/30.

    saw another one at Stone Lagoon on 11/16.

  4. […] like people to help inventory the blocks by reporting sightings on our blog. We also recommend contacting your Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District […]

  5. Great news to report: Saw 2 blocks being loaded on a lowboy with a crane and Dozer today. I wonder how far they will go and how many of they blocks they will get?

  6. 3 Dock blocks on beaches of Manila, just north of the Community Center. I tagged ’em but not sure if it will last.

    Pics are here:

  7. There’s a cement block and a bunch of dock debris on the beach near the Lanphere Dunes beach access site.

  8. Jen-
    any update on the dock block inventory performed by the Coast Guard? have they shared this information yet.
    keep up the great work!

  9. Will you kindly “tag” or “post” this Inventory page with the “dock blocks” moniker so it’s easier to find this post and report sightings? thank you!

  10. i just noticed a possible dock block approx 1/4 mile south of Stinky’s on the South end of the Elk River spit mud flat.
    approx Lat/Long:
    40.754923, -124.197242
    could be difficult to get heavy equip there for retrieval.

  11. Dock Block reported just North of Bunker Road. Tide building all week as the moon waxes. 14′ swell due by Sunday.

  12. Fresh sighting at Agate Beach on New Year’s Day.

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