Surfer etiquette sign? Vote now.

Read this post, then vote.


3 Responses

  1. aka “That old chick that’s not a surfer”…. Seems like, if ANYBODY thinks its needed, it probably is. Sometimes youngsters need to be thumped up side the head if they don’t have a benevolent mentor to help them learn the ropes. This might save them a thumpin’.

  2. I learned the hard way. Guys would bust your fins off if you snaked. I think that those of us that know the rules need to step up and, in a nonconfrontational way, say something. It’s a community out there and we need to act like it.

  3. I got dropped in on by some Kayakers at Camel a few weeks ago, so maybe it would have helped then.

    I would like to see a sign that says:

    “Pack your trash and scoop your poop.”

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