Neely picked as new chair of Coastal Commission

The California Coastal Commission selected Bonnie Neely of Eureka as the new chairperson this week, culminating a behind-the-scenes struggle in which rival commissioner William Burke mounted an aggressive campaign for the top job.

Rest of story here.


2 Responses

  1. Oooh, the Humboldt Mirror is going to go bonkers.

  2. I agree there needs to be a balance between economic development and our prestine and beautiful coastal environment, but there needs to be a compromise to ensure job development, the securing of the middle class, the wonderful edcuational tool of the library and our educational system. The continued loss of jobs, and the restrictive regulations to create industry has resulted in lost tax revenue, families and singles relocating from Humboldt County resulting in high attrition rate among schools.
    Closing schools is not a positive recruiting tools for prospective businesses, even environmentally friendly businesses. When will the Board of Supervisors address such concerns and not provide lip service to all members of our community not just the party line.

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