Navy training off the coast?

Ganked from the NCJs Blogthing

Ganked from the NCJ's Blogthing

The North Coast Journal’s blog has the story so far.

Concerning the proposed Northwest Training Range Complex, the department’s plan to designate most of the Pacific Northwest coast as training grounds for naval operations.

What sorts of training? According to this brochure:

Training Activities

Training activities involve activities in the range complex where Navy personnel learn skills they need to operate machinery or weapons. These activities provide realistic experience and include:

Operating vehicles, aircraft, submarines, and surface ships;
Conducting live fire training against surface and air targets at sea;
Conducting airborne surveillance activities;
Detecting, locating, and countering threat electronic signals;
Finding and removing underwater mines;
Training Navy divers in a cold water environment…


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  1. I updated — the Training Range Complex already exists; the current proposal is to ramp up training activities.

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