Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival

The Northcoast Environmental Center will host the Wild and Scenic Environmental Film Festival on Tour at the HSU Kate Buchanan Room on March 12th. Various environmental and non profit groups will be tabling information with raffles starting at 6:00 PM, films start at 7:00 PM. The film festival will be held as a fundraiser for the Northcoast Environmental Center.

The Wild and Scenic on Tour brings together a selection of films from the annual festival held the second week of January in Nevada City, CA. This is the largest environmental film festival in the nation. “The films tell a story about our planet, highlighting issues, providing solutions and giving a call to action,” says Tour Manager, Susie Sutphin. “Their collective energy empowers communities to initiate conversations that can bring about compromise and collaborative efforts that positively impact our wild places.”

For more information or to purchase tickets ($8.00 in advance or $10.00 at the door) contact Adventure’s Edge 822-4673, Center Activities 826-3357 or Northcoast Environmental Center 822-6918. In Eureka tickets are available at Baykeepers or visit www.wildandscenicfilmfestival.org/


Coast Guard rescues surfer from hazardous rip current

McKINLEYVILLE, Calif.- The Coast Guard rescued a surfer in distress near Camel Rock on Monday afternoon.

The surfer, a 17-year male from Arcata, was surfing at Camel Rock when he was overcome by the offshore rip current. His friend, 19 year-old Thaddeus Zoellner of Arcata, was able to make it to the beach where he called for help.

Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay immediately launched an HH-65C helicopter to the scene along with a 47′ motor life boat, from Station Humboldt Bay. Once on-scene, it was evident that the surfer was exhausted from fighting the choppy seas, so the helicopter crew determined the safest method of recovery would be to lower a rescue swimmer to the water to aid in the recovery.

Anderson was transported to the Coast Guard Air Station where he was treated and released to his family.

This case is another example of the ferocity of the North Coast. The two gentlemen involved were both quite lucky and their smart thinking was crucial to their survival. Camel Rock is one of the more popular surfing spots in the area, but as this case shows, the rip-currents can be deceiving from shore. The Coast Guard highly encourages surfers and other people doing activities, on or near the water, to always go with a friend and to notify somebody else of where you are going and when you will return.

For video, follow this link.

Artificial reef in Humboldt?

From the Bay District‘s upcoming agenda:

10.    New Business

  1. Consideration of Resolution 2009-3 in support of the California Ships to Reefs concept of establishing an artificial reef in the waters off of Humboldt Bay.
  1. Consideration of establishment of a North Coast Local-Interest Marine Protected Area Work Group

The Bay District (aka Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District) meets Thursday night at 7 p.m. in the Woodley Island Meeting Room.

Wave Energy forum success!

The first-ever informational community forum hosted by Surfrider Foundation’s Humboldt Chapter succeeded! I don’t know exactly how many people showed up, but I’m guessing over 70. Standing room only! Our volunteer Paige let latecomers know how crowded it was and that the video would be available online, but still, people squeezed in and stayed. (And, yes, we expect to have video online by the end of the week, thanks to KSLG’s John Matthews.) Kalei, as usual, kept everything rolling along perfectly, this time with crudités, cookies and coffee.

The T-S did not show, but the McKinleyville Press and Eco-News did. Also, four members of the Humboldt Area Saltwater Anglers showed up. One of them, Larry De Ridder, wrote a summary on their website here.

County Supervisors Mark Lovelace and Clif Clendenen showed up. So did Arcata City Councilmember Michael Winkler. Maggy Herbelin of Humboldt Bay Stewards was there. Humboldt Baykeeper Exec Director Pete Nichols came. President of the Redwood Regional Audubon Society Ken Burton attended.

Four members of the Mendocino chapter came up for the event, as well! (And scored waves three times on their trip!)

Thanks so much to everyone who showed up, helped out and otherwise made the Wave Energy Forum a success! Special thanks to Pete Stauffer, Surfrider‘s Oregon Field Policy Coordinator, Ian Caliendo, PG&E, Jim Hastreiter, FERC, Peter Nelson, HT Harvey & Assoc. and HSU economist Steve Hackett. Also, thanks to DFG environmental scientist Vicki Frey, who wanted to be there, but was prevented due to the mandatory state worker furlough situation.

Stayed tuned for updates and further information. (We recommend subscribing via Google Reader.)

HSC in the LJ

Despite being riddled with typos, this profile of HSU’s Humboldt Surf Club is a decent read – and features quotes from our own Volunteer Coordinator, Kalei Colridge.

Wave Energy forum this Saturday!

Wave Energy and Humboldt County, an informational community forum hosted by Surfrider Foundation’s Humboldt Chapter, takes place Saturday, Feb. 21 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Humboldt Area Foundation.

The first hour will consist of presentations by:

Ian Caliendo, PG&E

Jim Hastreiter, FERC

Peter Nelson, HG Harvey & Assoc.

Peter Stauffer, Surfrider Oregon Field Policy Coordinator

Following the presentations, we’ll take a 10-minute break to collect questions and allow people a chance to partake in refreshments.

We’ll resume with a moderated Q&A panel including Ian, Jim and Peter Stauffer, plus HSU economist Steve Hackett and DFG environmental scientist Vicki Frey.

Shawn Griggs rocks! And so does Greenhouse!

And so do you! Thanks for coming out.

Greenhouse Boardshop hosted an Arts!Arcata benefit for Surfrider Foundation's Humboldt Chapter, February, 2009. Surfer-artist extraordinaire Shawn Griggs painted another in his robot fish series of surfboards. Live!

Greenhouse Boardshop hosted an Arts!Arcata benefit for Surfrider Foundation's Humboldt Chapter, February, 2009. Surfer-artist extraordinaire Shawn Griggs painted another in his robot fish series of surfboards. Live!