Offshore oil drilling threat reprieve

The NC Journal has an update on offshore oil drilling threats – relatively good news, too.


3 Responses

  1. The plan has not been dumped, just the process slowed. There is still a SERIOUS threat that they will allow drilling off the north coast. The public comment period has been extended by an additional 180 days and now ends late September not March 23. Please see my informational blog – for links and further detailed information and discussion on the issue.

  2. gee, hope you all ride wooden boards.

  3. I am an advocate for pushing for alternative, conservation and green energy before drilling…

    But, if offshore oil extraction becomes a reality off northern California, perhaps the people of this region should benefit from oil royalty revenues like they do in Alaska…

    If Alaskan economic business strategy can make a quasi-socialized business model work there, to equalize profit sharing, it seems that should be available in other regions where intensive public resource gathering is taking place…

    Oil production businesses have no legitimate excuse to say profit sharing is wrong or cannot work, unless they want to say that Alaska does not count, or Alaska is not representative of potential and successful business models within U.S…

    Alaska, the model of a social economic democracy…

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