Rescued surfer update

The “30-year-old” surfer rescued from Camel Rock yesterday is actually 34-year-old Andy O’Brien, member of Likwefi, proprietor of Botaniwipe, brother of Surfrider Humboldt logo designer Matt O’Brien, family man and general all around great guy. Continue reading


Buoys adrift



Station 46022, 17 NM west-southwest of Eureka, went adrift on 03/28/2009 and the last report from its moored position was at 0200Z.  It is still transmitting valid observaion data, which continue to be reported here, but not from the location above.  Click here to see the latest positions.

Further: Station 46005, 315 NM west of Aberdeen, Wash., went adrift on 12/18/2008 and the last report from its moored position was at 0442Z.  The buoy has since been recovered as of 03/13/09. This buoy will be restored to service when it can be worked into theschedule. When the service date is known, it will be posted in the weekly maintenance report.

Finally, Station 46059, 357 NM west of San Francisco, went adrift on 01/09/2009 and the last report from its moored position was at 0700Z.  Observation data was stopped on 3/25/09 because of increasing uncertainity about the buoy’s current location.  Click here to see any valid positions  [NOTE: These positions are NOT RELIABLE at this time].

(Thanks, Beel!)

Surfer rescued from Camel Rock

MCKINLEYVILLE, Calif. – A crew from Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay assisted CALFIRE in the medical evacuation of a 30-year-old man who was injured while surfing near McKinleyville,Calif., today. At 10:57 a.m., the Coast Guard received the initial report of the injured surfer from a CALFIRE team that had arrived on scene and descended from the Luffenholtz Beach parking area to the popular surfing spot known as Camel Rock, located 200 feet below. The team determined an evacuation of the surfer up the steep access pathway to the parking lot would be very difficult.

The rescue team determined a Coast Guard rescue helicopter would be the safest and most expeditious means of rescue transportation to a local hospital. Coast Guard Air Station Humboldt Bay diverted an HH-65C Dolphin helicopter, already in the immediate area, to the scene. The aircraft, piloted by Lt. Stephen Baxter and Lt. j.g. Adam Wolfe, proceeded directly to the Luffenholtz Beach area where the crew was able to land directly on the beach due to low tides. Continue reading

Dead whale at Houda Point

Witnesses report a dead, juvenile gray whale washed up on the north side of Houda Point, next to the “cave rock.” Could’ve contributed to last night’s shark encounter at Camel.

White shark sighted at Camel

From the Camel Cam webpage via Bill Lydgate:

“Several people witnessed a 10-12 foot White shark swimming casually just south of the line up at Camel Rock at around 6 p.m. on Monday the 23rd. It was only seen once and while most of the 15-20 surfers in the water exited, several remained, but there was no further incident.”

Surf movie night, April 16: BlueGreen Connection

Get connected... to Surfrider!

Get connected... to Surfrider!

Surf movie night, April 1: The Present

Californian artist/photographer/filmmaker Thomas Campbell wants to help preserve one of surfing’s longest running social happenings off the beach: surf movie tours. Campbell’s new Super 16mm film, The Present, a colorful and artistic exploration of the beautiful environment surfers play in everyday, is set to do just that by hitting U.S. coastal towns this spring. Through his uniquely artistic style of filmmaking and intimate city-by-city screenings, Campbell hopes to help keep alive the nearly dead tradition of surfers gathering at a local theater to view a new independent surf film.

The Present shows Wednesday, April 1 at 7 p.m. in the Minor Theatre.

Greenhouse Boardshop hosts a pre-show party at 4 p.m. with live music by The Mattson 2, a jazz duo featured in the film. Monty generously invited Surfrider Humboldt to be part of things, so come by, check out the dreamy band, join or renew, have a glass of wine or just make a donation. (707) 825-SURF.