Massive Expansion of Naval Training Complex

From the Humboldt County Green Party:

March 16, 2009
The Humboldt County Green Party is urging residents of the western coast of the United States to oppose the expansion of a massive Naval training complex to cover more than 126,000 square nautical miles along the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington. The complex will be used to conduct training, research, testing, and evaluation of military hardware, personnel, tactics, munitions, explosives, and electronic combat systems.
David Cobb, a Green Party leader and past presidential candidate, said, “It’s an outrage that they’d be using live ammunition off our coast. We are all well aware of the problems that sonar causes for whales and other sea life, and I don’t think I need to explain our concern over the possibility of dumping depleted uranium in our coastal waters. It’s insanity.”

Fortunately, the public has an opportunity to comment, until April 13, at on the official website for the Northwest Training Range’s environmental impact statement.

Humboldt County Green Party County Council Chair Dana Silvernale said, “We hope the people will speak up, loudly, and let the Navy know that this is our front yard. It is not a war zone, real or simulated. The Navy’s plan is unsafe and irresponsible. Our fisheries are down. The Coho salmon are endangered. We cannot afford any more assaults on our environment.”

Green Party representative Shaye Harty said, “They actually have a video right on the front page of their official website, extolling the incomparable beauty and diversity of our geography and wildlife in this part of the world. Why do they wish to blow it up?”

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