Buoys adrift



Station 46022, 17 NM west-southwest of Eureka, went adrift on 03/28/2009 and the last report from its moored position was at 0200Z.  It is still transmitting valid observaion data, which continue to be reported here, but not from the location above.  Click here to see the latest positions.

Further: Station 46005, 315 NM west of Aberdeen, Wash., went adrift on 12/18/2008 and the last report from its moored position was at 0442Z.  The buoy has since been recovered as of 03/13/09. This buoy will be restored to service when it can be worked into theschedule. When the service date is known, it will be posted in the weekly maintenance report.

Finally, Station 46059, 357 NM west of San Francisco, went adrift on 01/09/2009 and the last report from its moored position was at 0700Z.  Observation data was stopped on 3/25/09 because of increasing uncertainity about the buoy’s current location.  Click here to see any valid positions  [NOTE: These positions are NOT RELIABLE at this time].

(Thanks, Beel!)


2 Responses

  1. The ’22 is on the move, 12 miles in the last two days.

    Three days ago it was west of Santa Rosa. Now, though, the S winds have pushed it up back to Pt. Arena. It’s fun matching it’s Lat/Lon with the wind readings.

    Today’s location:

  2. Buoy 22 is back on line today.

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