BlueGreen this Thursday!

Should be an amazingly fun evening. You love your surf flicks. Surfrider loves you. Let’s get together Thursday night!

BlueGreen plays at 7:30 p.m. at Far North Climbing Gym. Doors open at 7 p.m. Tickets are $10 general, $7 for the under 16 crowd.

From the NCJ’s online calendar (and thanks, Bob Doran, for the write up in last week’s print edition):

It’s incredible surfing, captivating stories and an exploration of the human connection to the ocean.

What is it about the ocean that pulls at us? There are obvious reasons, weather, livelihood, and the fact that it’s such a dominating presence on our planet. But there is something deeper. Songwriters, poets and novelists have expounded upon this mystery for as long as there has been harp and printed word. But what do we really know about our deeper human connection with the Ocean?

Maine filmmaker Ben Keller attempts to get to the bottom of this question in his latest surf documentary BlueGreen, set to premiere Thursday April 16th in Arcata at the Far North Climbing Gym, 1065 K Street.

Filmed, edited and produced in 2007 and 2008, BlueGreen approaches this question by sitting down with 13 folks who have been lucky enough, passionate enough, dedicated enough or some combination of these to look deeper into our bearing with the ocean as humans. These folks vary, from scientists to activists, athletes to enthusiasts, religious types to technological types. But they all have one thing in common. The ocean is the touchstone of their existence

“This isn’t your average surf flick,” says Keller. “Sure it has phenomenal surfing from the likes of Keith Malloy, Layne Beachley, Robert August, Liz Clark and more, but it’s more than that. Through the incredible stories of the folks in the film, the viewer is asked to look at their own connections, and assess their importance.”

“These surfers aren’t out there for the hype,” continues Keller. “They’re doing it for the love of sea and their connection to it. It’s in their blood.”*

*The 13 subjects of the film recognize the power of the ocean, and how it affects their lives and the lives of others. They recognize the threats we face by disconnecting and abusing this powerful source of life on our planet, and what we need to do to mitigate some of the issues we face with the ocean on a personal level and as a race.

With this in mind the BlueGreen tour has partnered with local Surfrider Foundation chapters in each of the locations it will screen on its West Coast tour. “It just makes sense. It’s an opportunity for us to give back, but also bring attention to the challenges being faced along the coastlines that are local to the screening communities,” says Keller.

The film stars Layne Beachley, Keith Malloy, Robert August, Liz Clark, Sean Collins, Nachum Shifren and more. It is narrated by Robert ‘Wingnut’ Weaver. All these folks serve up incredible surf (Layne on her way to her 7th world title) and inspiring stories about their, and our, connections to the big BlueGreen.

The BlueGreen Screening will be Thursday April 16th in Arcata at the Far North Climbing Gym, 1065 K Street. in Arcata. Doors are at 7:00 pm show at 7:30, tickets are $10, $7 under 16 at the door. Additionally the Arcata Surfrider Chapter will be auctioning off a brand new surfboard to help raise funds for it’s local campaigns. The remaining dates of the BlueGreen West Coast Tour are posted on:
Filmmaker Ben Keller founded Dubious Honor Productions in 1993. The company’s focus is showing the real face of ‘action sports’ especially in the Northeast and Maine where Keller has resided for the past 15 years. “BlueGreen” is the sixth action sports film by Dubious Honor Productions with several more in development.

The BlueGreen west coast tour is sponsored by Sea Dog Brewing – makers of Sea Dog Blueberry Ale, Global Surf Industries – manufacturers of some of the worlds best surfboards, and Wend magazine – the leading publication for inspired adventure and activism.
Surfrider Foundation has approximately 37,000 members nationwide and affiliates worldwide. The Surfrider Foundation is a non-profit environmental organization dedicated to the protection and enjoyment of the world’s oceans, waves and beaches for all people, through conservation, activism, research and education. There are currently 60 local chapters across the United States.

For more information about BlueGreen, visit


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