Greenhouse movie night/party at Arcata Theatre – Friday!


First, thanks to everyone who came out to BlueGreen last week – the turnout was great and your Humboldt Chapter of Surfrider Foundation is once again humbled by your support.

Second, Monty’s throwing a major party at the newly remodeled and reopened Arcata Theatre Lounge this Friday night! If you haven’t been to ATL yet, it’s amazing inside! With pub food, beer and wine, and tiered table-and-chair seating, a huge screen and stage – super fun. In addition to showing the new film by Glas, Greenhouse has two bands (locals Lik’wefi and touring act LionSight) and a huge raffle (including a Patagonia wetsuit and Firewire board) happening. Tickets are only $6 and the event is all ages until the movie/raffle ends!

Hear Lik’wefi from a live performance on KHUM 104.3 FM:

All proceeds from the raffle benefit Humboldt Surfrider – thanks, Monty! – plus, we’ll have T-shirts and hoodies for sale. (This time, dark blue with white logos!)

More details throughout the week… as well as an update on the various issues and projects we have going on… which means plenty of volunteer opportunities coming up!


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