Support Bike and Surf California!

From Scott Paynton:

Dear Friends and Family,

Bike and Surf California is ramping up and we are gaining momentum like never before. We have acquired several new sponsors (35 total), launched our online auction, scheduled two speaking engagements while on the trip, just did a radio interview, and are now on facebook and twitter. We are excited about the possibilities of this year’s ride, and the fundraising potential for the American Cancer Society. The economy may be down, but our spirits are up and it is because of the support from friends and family!
This is how you can help!  — First, pass on this email to those you know.

1. Visit our NEW Online Auction and bid on gear, art, and clothing donated by our  sponsors. ALL proceeds go directly to American Cancer Society and are tax deductible: If you’re going to donate, might was well buy something and get a tax credit for it!

2. Donate directly to American Cancer Society:

3. Visit our website and learn of our adventure and why we are working so hard:

Thank you so much for all your support and love,

Mike, Scott, Laura, and Greg

Bike and Surf California


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