May meeting notes (aka What We’ve Been Doing and What We’re About to Do and How You Can Help)

Missed the May meeting? Quite likely. Read Bean’s report…

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May Madness: Barn Dance, Beach Clean up, Wave Energy, Kinetic Fair

Dates to remember:

Saturday, May 16Humboldt Folklife Society hosts a Barn Dance with Striped Pig String Band and caller Tara Stetz. Cover is $7 unless you’re an HFS member, in which case it’s $6. Proceeds from beer/wine sales go to Humboldt Surfrider! We hear the dances are fantastic fun. You don’t need experience or a partner, so come on out! Volunteer to help serve beer/wine via Kalei at

Sunday, May 17 – Post-graduation beach clean-up at Mad River Beach! Volunteer to help organize and clean up via Kalei at

Tuesday, May 19– PG&E Wave Energy workshop, 6 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. in the Wharfinger Bldg. The workshops will be in an open house format, providing an opportunity for the public to learn about the proposed pilot project, ask questions of the project team staff, and learn about how to get involved. More specifically, information will be available regarding:

  • Project overview and schedule
  • Environmental review process and permitting
  • Maps of study areas
  • Current and future public involvement opportunities
  • Wave energy technologies

We have a couple folks covering this, but encourage anyone who’s interested to attend. (By a bizarre coincidence, all your boardmembers are out of town that evening.)

Saturday, May 23Kinetic Sculpture Race Fair at the Manila Community Center. We’ll have a table approximately 11 a.m. to 3 p.m., maybe less hours. Volunteer to help via Kalei at

Monday, May 25 – Post-Memorial Day beach clean-up at Moonstone Beach! Volunteer to help organize and clean up via Kalei at
…Coming in June… Regular meeting on June 2, International Surfing Day on June 20! Volunteer to help via Kalei at

Public Health Warning Issued for Mad River, Clam, and Moonstone Beaches

One of Surfrider Humboldt’s goals is creating our own water quality lab. We have the people and the space, and will host fundraisers specifically for establishing a lab.


The Humboldt County Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS), Environmental Health Division is notifying recreational users of Mad River, Clam, and Moonstone Beaches to avoid contact with ocean water near the mouths of the rivers and creeks on these beaches. People should also stay out of the rivers and creeks themselves.

Due to high bacterial levels in the water, the Department has posted yellow signs warning surfers, swimmers and others to stay at least 50 yards away from the mouth or opening of the Mad River, Strawberry Creek, and Little River, and to not wade or swim in these water bodies. Water quality testing indicates that the state health standard for Enterococcus faecalis was exceeded at all these beaches this week.

In addition, the fecal coliform and the fecal coliform/total coliform standards were exceeded at the Mad River mouth, and the latter standard also was exceeded at Moonstone Beach.

Enterococcus, E. coli, and total coliform are types of indicator bacteria whose presence often is associated with that of disease-causing bugs. These indicator bacteria do not usually cause illness in swimmers. However, high levels of the indicators mean that the water may be contaminated with other bugs that can make people sick. Indicator bacteria are routinely tested for because they are much easier to grow in the lab than most of the harmful small organisms.

DHHS is currently retesting the water at all three beaches. The warning signs will be removed as soon as results show that state water quality standards have been met. Monday’s heavy rainfall was typical of the kind of weather that often results in contamination of waterways throughout the state. As a routine precaution, DHHS recommends that people not swim or surf in creeks, rivers or within 100 yards of any river or creek mouth for three days after a rainstorm. Rain water carries pollutants and contaminants from the land into water bodies, especially after big storms.

Community members can take many steps to help prevent creek and ocean water pollution. Conserving water, reducing runoff (planting rather than paving landscapes, and encouraging natural vegetation), maintaining septic systems, properly disposing of pet waste and boat waste, fixing car leaks, recycling used motor oil, and minimizing fertilizer and pesticide use are some recommended measures.

Weekly water quality data for the beaches monitored by the Environmental Health Division is posted on the Humboldt County website at:

The website also has more detail on pollution prevention measures, and a complete record of water quality data for the beach monitoring program. For further information, please contact the Environmental Health Division at 707-445-6215.

Junk Ride, Friday night!

Junk Ride cruising into Humboldt this Friday!

Junk Ride cruising into Humboldt this Friday!

JUNKRide is coming our way! Two members of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, Anna Cummins and Dr. Marcus Eriksen, have been bicycling down the coast from Vancouver, BC and will continue to Tijuana, Mexico, stopping along the way to raise awareness of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch and the dangerous rise of plastics in our ocean waters. The Garbage Patch is a massive gyre of marine litter in the central North Pacific Ocean estimated to be twice the size of Texas.

Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter and the HSU Surf Club are hosting their presentation this Friday, May 8 at 7 p.m. in Founders Hall room 118. Anna and Marcus will share with us their stories with Algalita, including studying the Garbage Patch and using some of the junk they found to build a raft…a raft they ended up using to cross the ocean. More information can be found here:

Updates: dock blocks, 46022, more

Most of you have already noticed that our favorite lil’buoy, the 22, is back home and back online.

Also, the Humboldt Bay Harbor, Recreation and Conservation District has pulled more of those troublesome dock blocks off the North Jetty/Harbor Entrance area. Hooray! Details to follow.

Lots of volunteers needed for upcoming events:

Junk Ride event organization

Humboldt Folklife Square Dance

Moonstone improvements

Oyster fest/International Surfing Day

Beach clean-ups

Shindig planning

Committees to work on national campaigns: Rise Above Plastics, Hold Onto Your Butt

And more! Talk to Kalei, our fabulous Volunteer Coordinator.

Surfrider meeting Tuesday night! (new day, new time)

Due to popular demand, the Humboldt Chapter of Surfrider Foundation is now meeting monthly – and on Tuesdays! We’ll be at Plaza Grill (the View Room side) this Tuesday, May 5 at 7 p.m. Hope to see you there! (Yes, it is Cinco de Mayo.) Remember, check here for updates and news.

Email with any questions.

Also, stop into Greenhouse and check out our new dark blue Surfrider Humboldt T’s and hoodies!