ISD 2009: Photos from Moonstone Beach clean-up

Thanks to everyone who came out for an International Surfing Day 2009 beach clean-up! More details later – don’t forget to stop by Humboldt Surfrider’s Oyster Fest booth and we’ll see you at Arcata Theatre Lounge tonight!


June 20, International Surfing Day!

Yes, it’s the same day as Oyster Fest. But what a perfect way to keep the momentum going – or skip the madness and come out after the all-clear’s been sounded.

International Surfing Day – join us online here.

Start the day with a Beach Clean Up, breakfast and expression session at Moonstone Beach.

End the day with live music and free goodies at the Arcata Theatre Lounge:

Doors open at 8:00 PM
Show starts at 9:00 PM
18 and over

Established in 2004 by Surfing Magazine and The Surfrider Foundation, International Surfing Day is a world-wide celebration of the sport of surfing.

The Humboldt Chapter of Surfrider Foundation will host a beach clean-up and party early in the day at Moonstone Beach then head to Arcata Theatre Lounge to celebrate with four amazing local bands Absynth Quintet, Dragged By Horses, Rooster McClintock and The Bad Lilas – surf movies and a schwag toss included!

Absynth Quintet: The Absynth Quintet melds the familiar and the avant-gard with a unique and provocative palette of tone and texture. This is streetcorner swing with a sense of humor, bluegrass with footstomping danceability, intertwined with playful forays into the depths of sophisticated musical experimentation. The Eugene Weekly places the sound “somewhere along the spectrum of acoustic-improvisational-gypsy-jazz…plucky and tight à la David Grisman” with “a dash of Eastern European exoticism that puts you in a smoky, understated hash bar kind of mood.” The Arcata Eye said “…listening to KMP is akin to being served an exotic meal (or mind altering beverage) one could never hope to replicate at home. You have to go out for this kind of stuff. Delicious.” The CD’s are out now on Sidenote records and available at music stores and itunes.

AQ – Gallywags Backbeat

Dragged by Horses: Calling Humboldt County California their home, Dragged by Horses hail from behind the redwood curtain. Humboldt has only two roads in and two roads out, located at least five hours from the nearest urban center. The isolation is exactly what drives Dragged by Horses and gives them the freedom to develop their crafts without outside input. This three-piece sonic assault (Pablo Midence – vocals and guitar, Jody Goldman – bass, and Chris Jaster – drums) has found Humboldt’s out of the way location with its beautiful, quiet scenery, and even its crushing poverty level to be inspirational forces that have helped them evolve beyond a typical stoner-rock band; describing themselves as sounding like a “natural disaster” or a “violence orchestra.” Dragged by Horses write heavy, sharp and intelligent tracks.

DbH – 1,000,000

Rooster McClintock: Rollin’ down out of the hills and hollows of Humboldt County, CA. come Rooster McClintock a group of friends on a mission to save country music from itself. In our lifetime, we’ve noticed the steady deterioration of the music that told the stories and hardships of our everyday lives. What happened to songs that meant something and actually provoked emotions we’ve all felt at one time or another?. Country music no longer wants to be your kin, your neighbor or your drinkin’ buddy like it has been for over 75 years, it wants your money. There’s a reason we all still pull out those old albums when it’s rainin’ or when we’re gonna play a round of poker over a couple of beers. It’s our roots.

Rooster McMySpace

The Bad Lilas: The Bad Lilas are made up of former members of The Rubberneckers B.T. Hollister and Greg Lojko, Colin Vance of The Striped Pig String Band, James Westfall and W. Scott Coulter. They play a blend of folk, bluegrass, old time and rock n’ roll in an acoustic setting. The Bad Lilas… “Not Just Another Boy Band.” – Arcata Eye Scene Blog

As always, volunteers needed! Email Jen via


Meeting tonight

random Camel Rock shot

random Camel Rock shot

Your Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter meets tonight, 7 p.m., in the Plaza View Room, Jacoby’s Storehouse.

We’ll provide pitchers and raffle off a T-shirt.

Agenda items include International Surfing Day (mark it now — June 20), updates on the showers at the Jetty and at Moonstone, Rise Above Plastics and, as always, multiple ways to help support keeping our ocean and beaches clean, accessible and protected. Please come out! We’d love to see you.

If you can’t make it, but want to help with one of Humboldt Surfrider’s current projects, send us an email at Would you rather donate money than time? We love that, too! You can donate online heremake sure you specify HUMBOLDT — or contact us via

Don’t forget to pick up your new Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter T’s and hoodies at Greenhouse Boardshop!