Where to place the WaveConnect pilot project?

From Bill Lydgate, representing Humboldt Surfrider’s interest on PG&E’s WaveConnect Working Group:

The agenda for the first meeting includes the item, “Input on Site Selection.”
I would like to get input from the larger surf community before the HWG process goes much further.
Some folks are leaning towards supporting the northern end of the study area, potentially placing the Samoa Spit and N Jetty in the project “shadow” from prevailing NW swells.
I assume the majority of the surf community wants the project to have as little effect as possible on the surf of the Samoa Spit, Jetties and Entrance.  This might lead one to support placing the project to the far south of the project area (sorry, Centerville!).

Thoughts? Please discuss in the comment section! We need your input.

project map

comment form


2 Responses

  1. Is there research showing that a wave farm affects surfable waves?

    Is it possible that it might have a similar effect to an offshore kelp bed?

    What’s most efficient, transmission-wise or wave-wise, for the project?

  2. Offshore Renewable Energy Regulatory Primer
    Stephanie Showalter and Terra Bowling
    National Sea Grant Law Center
    July 2009

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