Jetty slime

Green slime at the North Jetty eddying around… the subject of KHUM 104.3 FM’s most recent Coastal Currents.

Humboldt Baykeeper’s Pete Nichols says surfers are calling the city saying they’re sick from it. Anyone have first-hand experience? We’ve noticed some foam around the jetty, definitely, but no side effects.

In any case, episodes like this are exactly why Humboldt Surfrider is raising funds for our very own water quality lab! Help support the cause by donating, volunteering, even picking up an awesome hoodie or T-shirt at Greenhouse:

Represent!Humboldt Surfrider has your back!


3 Responses

  1. I can help you when you are ready to set up your water testing program. Just let me know. Good luck with your fund raising.

    Mara Dias
    Water Quality Coordinator
    Surfrider Foundation

  2. It is the typical yearly summer algae bloom. For me it really shuts down my sinuses, hard to breath threw my nose. It happens up here Northern Humboldt too.

  3. I assume the “green slime” mentioned is the yellowish-green foam that sometimes even gets airborne on really stormy days. If so, it is typically indicative in our area of high amounts of phyto- and zooplankton, fine organic matter, etc that cause very stable foam bubbles (saltwater forms bubbles more than freshwater and de-ionized water doesn’t form bubbles at all). We see it in summer/fall during plankton blooms and during winter when the ocean is stirred up and rivers are flowing hard. It is generally natural and nothing to be worried about. Check out the following link, however, and be glad we definitely don’t have the water quality problems seen here:

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