College Cove subdivision proposal – Planning Commission tonight

From Friends of College Cove, a neighborhood group in the Trinidad area concerned about potential development impacts from a proposed subdivision:

On Thursday, March 4, the Humboldt County Planning Commission will hold a public hearing to determine whether to approve the developer’s application. The Planning Commission has broad discretion – and needs to know whether there are significant public concerns over this project.

The best way to show your concern is to come to the hearing. You don’t need to testify if you don’t want to. All you need to do is show up, and raise your hand when someone asks ‘Who here is a Friend of College Cove?’

Friends of College Cove will hold a pre-hearing meeting at 5:45pm in front of the courthouse to prepare for the 6pm hearing. Please arrive at 5:45pm for our meeting.

More information will be emailed to registrants about our meeting. Please register now, so you can get that information, and so that Friends can know how many people are planning to attend. We’re shooting for 100 – let’s show the Planning Commission how many friends College Cove has!


One Response

  1. “Who is a Friend of College Cove”? We all are, even Homan! This group is full of protestors without the correct information, who have no problem stretching the truth or even creating falsehoods. On the Facebook site, Homan Subdivision, you can find the actual reality of the property development, which can be backed up by the multiple studies which Homan has personally funded. Why would Homan want to ruin College Cove, he doesn’t! He is not heartless! Please do not buy into their NIMBY cries of untruth! Please do the work and research, which we have helped you with here, and find out on your own what the truth is and where your own opinion lies.

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