9 Problems Destroying Our Ocean

At Huffington Post, a look at nine threats to the health of our seas.


2 Responses

  1. Plastics. A lot of plastic washed up this week on the beach between Mad River and Lanphere Dunes — perhaps elsewhere too…? This wasn’t just your normal garbage washing down the rivers. It’s a lot small of broken bits, caps, and stuff that looks like it’s been out there a long time — goose barnacles on a lot of it. There’s also fishing gear, masses of rope, and chunks of foam. It looks like a bleb of the Garbage Patch spun off and blew ashore in the storm. Anyone else notice this elsewhere?

    On the bright side… Good citizens pulled some of the really big stuff up to high ground so it wouldn’t wash back out again, and hopefully another good citizen witha key to the gate can pick it up later. My dog and I pulled up a mass of big-ass nylon rope that must have weighed 100 lbs.

    Anyway, in 20 years of combing Humboldt beaches I haven’t seen this much of this kind of plastic debris. Maybe good conditions to find one of those glass floats…?

  2. Garbage- one of the nightmares of the ocean! As responsible citizen we must do something now! I think, recycling our garbage is the best solution to prevent our oceans from this phenomenon.

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