WaveConnect update

Folks can either comment on the DPLA directly to PG&E through the WaveConnect email account listed online (waveconnect@pge.com) or they can file comments with FERC. To file a comment with FERC they can go to the eComment page of the FERC website:http://www.ferc.gov/docs-filing/ecomment.asp, click on the green eComment link and follow the instructions to submit a comment. They will need the Humboldt WaveConnect DPLA filing Docket Number: P-12779-005.

As far as the latest project summary, see the Fact Sheet in the February Public meeting materials on the WaveConnect Website: http://www.pge.com/includes/docs/pdfs/shared/environment/pge/waveconnect/humboldt_waveconnect_public_meeting_fact_sheet.pdf

Of course, things are changing rapidly on the project so best to bookmark the WaveConnect Website and keep up with the conversation through meeting information posted there.


One Response

  1. Good summary in the April/May Econews
    Humboldt May Pioneer Energy From The Ocean
    By John C. Osborn

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