April Meeting Minutes

View April’s minutes here.


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  1. BTW, I was serving on the board of the Humboldt Chapter of Surfrider Foundation when Paul Gallegos first spoke to us at a meeting about running for District Attorney. We wished him well, which is not synonymous with endorsing him. Imagine our surprise when he listed our group as endorsing him on his website! I feel it is inappropriate to endorse a political candidate in the District Attorney race.

    • For the record, Surfrider (Humboldt or otherwise) has never endorsed a political candidate – as a nonprofit, we can’t. Individuals in prior versions of the Humboldt Chapter may have, as Linda says, supported him, but no official endorsements have occurred.

  2. hi folks,

    so this is irrelevant (sort of) to this last meeting, but i have been trying to find information about eureka and arcata’s status on the polystyrene/styrofoam/eps ban that tried to pass statewide a few years ago, but did not succeed, because the state assemblyman decided to pull it… basically because it did not make the state level, lots of cities and counties have enacted it. the only information regarding this that i have been able to find is that arcata’s last stance was “considering the ban”, and that was over a year ago.
    just to clarify, this is different form rise above plastics and the plastic grocery bag movement. this is an act to ban the distribution of polystyrene or Styrofoam single-use restaurant to-go containers. SF, Oakland and LA are among many others to already be on board, so where the heck are we???
    i know that Surfrider supports this ban, but i can’t seem to find ANYTHING about it on the humboldt chapter.

    does anyone have any information on this, or any leads?

    • Hi Shelby, You’re right, we haven’t listed any information about poly/styro bans, because, as you’ve discovered, there really isn’t much! If you are interested in researching more of the political angle on Surfrider’s behalf, I could be of some help with resources.
      Even without a ban enacted in our county, a good project for our members could be to put pressure on the restaurants that use these materials.
      April’s meeting minutes have a link to a write-up I did for why a fee/ban hasn’t been enacted on plastic bags in Humboldt.

  3. Hey Surfriders…just wanted to drop a note to let you know to keep up the good work! As a past chair of the group, it is good to see it up and still active. Pursue that plastic bag ban for Humboldt County…that is encouraging news.

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