Ocean news: bags, butts and whaling

L.A. Times says California Assemblymember Julia Brownley’s bill to ban single-use plastic bags goes too far. Thoughts?

Will Governer Schwarzeneggar sign a bill, just passed in the Senate, to ban cigarette smoking at California beaches?

Whale slaughter has more than quadrupled in the past 20 years. Is the latest debate a chance at ending the killing of whales or “a whaler’s dream”?


One Response

  1. With each ban on something simple such as public smoking (and now plastic bag carrying, apparently), America becomes less like a free country and more a slavery of its own demise.

    If anything, why not make it CHEAPER to use your own bags? Give a 1% discount, make it “COOL” (via celebrities/media) to bring your own carrying device, or even fashionable. What I’ve never seen is the government even bringing it my public’s attention that plastic bags were even BAD. All of a sudden, rather than educating us, they’re going to repeal our freedoms without providing us the chance for reason, which is really more like “taxation without representation” than anything else! Call it what you will, but I like the convenience of keeping my recyclables, trash, personal belongings, household items, organizing items, and other misc. use for bags, so this new proposed ban is BAD NEWS.

    Why not ban everything that could get dumped into the ocean- oh wait, that’s EVERYTHING! This makes no difference, no matter how you cut it!

    Support: Larger fines for litterers, public education about the environment. Feel free to respond to me on Twitter. I’m always ready to fight back with my words. 😉

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