Live Video Feed From Gulf Oil Spill

In case you haven’t seen it yet, here is the live video stream of the BP oil spill on PBS.


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  1. e. Santa Barbara PXP Offshore Oil Drilling Project.

    Our Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter voted last year to join with a growing list of environmental organizations opposing the controversial PXP oil drilling project in Santa Barbara. So did many of the other California Surfrider Foundation Chapters. At that time Surfrider Santa Barbara, together with a coalition of other Santa Barbara locals led by EDC Atty. Lynda Krop, supported this controversial offshore oil drilling project. Surfrider Global is reluctant to oppose a project that is supported by a local chapter (“locals rule”). However, as recently reaffirmed by Surfrider Global in “NOT THE ANSWER”

    “The Surfrider Foundation is opposed to any new offshore oil drilling. Our
    Nation’s oceans, waves and beaches are vital recreational, economic and
    ecological treasures that will be polluted by an increase in offshore oil drilling. Instead of advocating for transient and environmentally harmful ways to meet America’s oil needs, we should seek a comprehensive and environmentally sustainable energy plan that includes energy conservation.”

    During the State Lands Commission hearings the existence of a “Secret Agreement” between PXP Oil Exploration Company and the EDC led coalition of Santa Barbara locals was revealed to us for the first time. Only recently have some of the details of this oil lobbyist brokered “deal” between an oil company and a small, but vulnerable coalition of local environmental organizations been revealed by the press and to the public. See; for details.

    The opposition to this PXP project in Santa Barbara by other environmental organizations
    is both compelling and overwhelming. Largely because of the combined and vocal efforts of the environmental NGO’s opposed to the PXP Project in Santa Barbara this project was denied by the State Lands Commission Board.

    In my view, the defeat of this controversial PXP oil drilling project in Santa Barbara and our Huntington/Seal Beach Chapter’s small part in the State Lands decision is among the most significant chapter victories in recent history.

    Here is an example of what others have to say regarding this issue;
    From Fran Gibson of Coastwatch:

    Subject: Re: PXP Offshore Oil Project.
    Date: Thu, 1 Apr 2010 14:28:09 -0700

    “Don — I so respect your willingness to stay on this issue with Surfrider Global and sift through their reluctance to come out squarely against PXP. You make me proud to be a coastal advocate and so often we have to struggle within our own groups to do the right thing for Mother Coast. All environmental groups must be very wary of the easy tendency to fill their coffers with industry money from any source that is actively committed to harming our planet and state environment. You rock! Thanks — Fran”

    A new Santa Barbara PXP offshore oil drilling project plan is presently being drafted by EDC’s Linda Krop and soon to come similar projects may be proposed offshore of Huntington Beach and Long Beach.

    Don Schulz
    Sr. member, Surfrider Foundation

  2. Oh no. This is very alarming!

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