AB 1998 update

This is from the Californians Against Waste site:
  1. AB 1998 is currently pending on the Senate Appropriations ‘suspense file’. It’s expected to be released on August 13, and available for a floor vote as early as August 17.
  2. If the bill gets the necessary 21 votes in the State Senate, it will return to the Assembly for a concurrence vote (41 votes). The Assembly must pass the bill before September.
  3. If AB 1998 passes the Senate and Assembly, it goes to Governor Schwarzenegger. The Governor has until September 30 to sign or veto the bill,

If all goes as planned, AB 1998 will be voted out of Senate Appropriations and head to the Senate floor later this week. Be sure to send in a support letter to your senator.

Here is the history of the bill, hopefully we will see some information as it becomes available.

It’s never too early to start getting support! Don’t forget online petitions, too, to email out to family and friends in other parts of Cali….their votes may be even important than ours up here in Humboldt.

(Thanks to Bean, Humboldt Surfrider RAP coordinator, for the hard work and keeping up on all things plastic!)


A long paddle: Canoeist seeks to raise ocean awareness with 3,500-mile trek

Josh Jackson/The Times-Standard
Posted: 08/10/2010 01:15:31 AM PDT

Margo Pellegrino arrived in Eureka Monday afternoon after paddling from Crescent City in her 21-foot carbon-fiber outrigger canoe as a part of her 3,500-mile paddle from Seattle to San Diego.

Pellegrino is making the trip to raise awareness about the plight of the ocean.

”Number one on my hit list is fish farms,” Pellegrino said, “also the growing and scary plastic problem.”

Pellegrino mentioned spotting a large amount of plastic in the coastal waters, and more that had washed ashore along the entire coast. Continue reading


Thanks to everyone who made our August Rise Above Plastics-themed Ocean Night a great success! What a fabulous evening. “Bag It” packed the theater and we got a lot of postcards signed in support of AB 1998. Pictures to be posted soon.

In the meantime, here are some pictures that make me feel so grateful about living on the North Coast!

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THURSDAY: Party Against Plastic

August Ocean Night!

featuring “Bag It”, “Shelter”, and The Absynth Quintet

Bag Monster at the Arcata Farmers Market

Thursday, August 5th
Arcata Theater Lounge
doors 6:30 pm
movies 7:00 pm
music ~9:30 pm

Join Surfrider Humboldt at the Arcata Theater Lounge to Rise Above Plastics and boogie on down to The Absynth Quintet at our August 5 Ocean Night!

August Ocean Night takes place Thursday, Aug. 5 and consists of the films Bag It (“Is Your Life Too Plastic?”) and Shelter, from The Moonstone Conspiracy, plus a video from Team Marine and some rare underwater freediving footage from locals Andrew Weltz and Kirby Morejohn. In addition, the Bag Monster will make a special appearance.

Ocean Night is sponsored by Humboldt Surfrider, Humboldt Baykeeper and Ocean Conservancy. It’s all ages and with $3-$10 donation asked to help keep the Ocean Nights going! (The groups are also seeking business sponsorships – interested business owners should e-mail humboldt@surfrider.org.)

For more information, e-mail Humboldt Surfrider or beth@baykeeper.org or see surfrider.org/humboldt.


Meetings, Tuesday Night!

First 2 pitchers on us!

Tuesday, August 3rd, Plaza Grill Viewroom in Arcata

Rise Above Plastics at 6 pm
Regular Meeting at 7 pm

Join us Tuesday evening for discussion about our current R.A.P. projects, including the plastics-themed Ocean Night on Thursday. And our general meeting will continue many of our on-going projects and issues.