Really nice story in the T-S on S4P and the Coastal Clean-up

Matt Drange spent a few hours talking to folks at Surf 4 Peace about the contest, about Surfrider and about Ocean Conservancy‘s 25th annual International Coastal Cleanup Day.

Thanks to all the folks who made Surf 4 Peace and the clean-up a great success! Special thanks to Debbie, Adrien and Jody, and to Pierson’s for donating even more supplies to Humboldt Surfrider.

Also, please note, the Northcoast Environmental Center has a long history of organizing the Coastal Cleanup locally.

Since the International Coastal Cleanup Day began 25 years ago, over 8 million volunteers have removed 135 million pounds of trash from beaches around the world.

Trash in the ocean – from pervasive plastics to cigarette butts – is a huge, totally preventable problem. Help stop marine debris by stopping it at the source. Opt for reusable bags, reusable water bottles, reusable everything. When you do make trash, put it in the trash can. That includes cigarette butts! Support legislation aimed at reducing/eliminating marine debris. And stay tuned for our next Surfrider beach and highway cleanups!


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  1. Thanks Jennifer for letting me get you on the radio yesterday. Three minutes isn’t a lot of time but you condensed it well.

    I met up with the swim club that was working Clam Beach. I tagged along with them for a couple of hours and we had a great time picking up trash and categorizing it. I saw what looked like several hundred pounds of debris in the dumpster there.

    I was in my radio capacity and forgot to take pictures. I’ll try to remember next year.

    The match up with Surfrider, the Coastal Commission and the NEC seemed a good fit. Surfers know more about the stuff in the water and on the beaches than most people.

    Great event!

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