Closures at Camel Rock

From the Humboldt North Coast Land Trust and CCC:

The Humboldt North Coast Land Trust and the California Conservation Corps will be making repairs on the trail to the south beach beginning December 7, 2010. The trail will be closed for approximately one week while repairs are made to the cable steps. We will also be repairing the rock wall of the overlook and the overlook will be closed. We appreciate your cooperation in staying off the trail and the overlook during repairs. Thank you for your patience and understanding while wemake these needed repairs.


One Response

  1. Thanks for posting notice of the upcoming repair work at Houda Point. The surf yesterday drew a big crowd and lots of cars. We have a shipping container on site to store materials and when we start work on Tuesday Dec. 7 we will put up cones and ask folks not to park within 10 feet of the doors so we can have free access to our materials. While we are dismantling the old rock wall we will need to restrict access down the main trail for periods of time. We will open up the access periodically to allow people to pass but there is potential for debris from the dismantling process to fall down onto the trail so we can’t have people on the trail when that is happening. The rock wall will be rebuilt a few feet back from its current location to give the wall a more stable footing and a little space between it and the landslide downhill that caused the rock wall to settle and crack. Thanks for your patience.

    Don Allan,
    vice-president, Humboldt North Coast Land Trust

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