Action Alert! Humboldt County Plastic Bag Ban

Humboldt County Plastic Bag Ban–Let’s get this moving!

Time to take action! Surfrider, Humboldt Chapter and Humboldt Baykeeper are working to support a COUNTY-WIDE PLASTIC BAG BAN.

It is estimated that 12 billion plastic bags are used annually in California and 3-5 million are used annually in Arcata. WOULD YOU LIKE TO HELP REDUCE THE PLASTIC TRASH FLOW FROM HUMBOLDT COUNTY INTO OUR COASTAL ENVIRONMENT? Volunteers are needed to help circulate petitions, attend local meetings, table at grocery stores and promote education and awareness of the environmental damage caused by disposable, single-use plastic bags.

To get involved REPLY TO You will be put on a Humboldt bag-ban specific listserv and contacted soon. If Los Angeles can ban the
single-use plastic bag so can we!

For a funny, yet poignant video on a plastic bag’s migration to the
ocean check out this video from Heal the Bay in Santa Monica.


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