Sign’s Up! Showin’ Respects at Houda Point

Humboldt Surfrider is excited to announce that we have installed our sign at Houda Point/Camel Rock.  Accompanied with great fall weather, a handful of Surfrider and Trinidad Coastal Land Trust members and supporters came and grubbed out the grass, dug holes, and poured concrete all in efforts to get the sign installed.

Humboldt Surfrider is extremely appreciative to have the help of everyone who participated in making this happen. A big thanks goes out to Mark McClenden, owner of Flying Fish Surf Shop in Eureka, who donated his time to making the sign.
Keeping the waves and beach accessible and clean is very important to the Surfrider foundation.
Over the past year Trinidad Coastal Land trust, Humboldt Surfrider and California Conservation Corps have worked together to improve access to Camel Rock beach by collectively volunteering hundreds of hours to rebuild the main trail and cable steps leading down to the south beach.
What is the new sign for?   It honors all the hard work put into recent beach access improvements. It is an epic benchmark heading down to the beach reminding everyone to give their respects to our trails, beach and waves. Check out more pictures of the sign being installed  here.

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