MINUTES of the Raucous November Meeting

The meeting was called to order in Humbrews main dining room due to “soundcheck” taking place in the side room for a show that night.  Owing to the best meeting attendance in recent memory,  it was determined to be a woefully inadequate location due to noise.  A replacement locale for future meetings will be sought.

Scott Willits gave a Treasury report, showing a balance of $6734.  Chapter shirts and hoodies are on order and have the new design by Sean Griggs.

M.J. explained the Rise Above Plastics program and spoke about a Core Volunteer training at a future meeting to train prospective volunteers to man the Surfrider table and sell gear.  Training shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes and would help new volunteers be more comfortable if they know what is expected.  Ban the Bag, needs volunteers.  Day Without A Bag, coming up on December 15,  will provide awareness and education about the Rise Above Plastics program.  Attendees will be able to bring a t-shirt and have it sewn into a shopping bag.  Hope is for three people to man each of four locations.  A work party to build “sandwich boards” and train for the event will take place on December 7 at Baykeeper HQ.  Students from local hIgh schools may be potential volunteers since most are required to do community service as part of mandatory Civics classes.

Jon Anderson brought up the Blue Water Task Force and encouraged us to return to plans for testing water quality in the bay.  “We have the money” and once intended to purchase lab equipment for testing.

Jen Savage has been working with Tobacco Free Humboldt and the need to curb cigarette butt litter and will work with the County and DA’s office.  Cigarette litter is the number one collected item during beach and coastal cleanups.

A reminder about upcoming events including the momentous planting of the sign at Camel Rock.  The erection of the sign has been in the works for a number of years but, with the help of the Trinidad Land Trust and Bill Hoopes, will finally be planted on Saturday.  All are invited to help.  The sign includes surf etiquette and admonitions to respect the beach as well as credit to Surfrider and the Land Trust.


  • November 10: Ocean Night at ATL
  • November 12: Highway Cleanup
  • November 12:  Sink the Camel Rock sign
  • December 7: Day Without A Bag volunteer training
  • December 9: Gear Swap and Christmas Party at Far North Climbing Gym
  • December 10: Beach cleanup at Mad River Beach
  • December 13: Regular meeting / location TBA

We will be going back to monthly meetings on the second Tuesday.  Location of the December meeting is TBA and will be announced on the blog and calendar.

Respectfully submitted,
Debbie Topping, Chapter Secretary


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