January 2012 Meeting Minutes

Surfrider Humboldt – Minutes – January 10, 2012

The meeting was called to order at Humbrews.  Officers present:
Jen Savage – President
Scott Willits – Treasurer
Debbie Topping – Secretary

Treasury:  Scott Willits reported on the Chapter bank balance which he felt was low especially considering the promised contribution to the Trinidad Land Trust had not been made.  He had run the annual report and found that spending was up in 2011 and stressed the need to monitor and document gear sales very closely especially when used as raffle prizes.  The addition of Mary Lou Willits as “merch girl” was expected to help with that task as she will riding herd on the inventory and keeping track of the income received (or not) for all gear.

Clean-up Report:  In the ongoing fight against beach litter and litter in general which will eventually wash down storm drains into the bay, Debbie Topping updated the group on the December cleanup of Mad River Beach where five full buckets of nails were collected as well as a large quantity of broken furniture and other household trash left on the beach from bonfires.  

Jen Savage noted that Supervisor Jimmy Smith is willing to help where needed with the problem of beach litter.  She is working with the Tobacco Education Network and United Indian Health Services as part of tobacco education and “Hold On To Your Butts” campaigns, focusing on the tobacco litter problem, especially on ‘tavern row’ on the Arcata Plaza.. Video ad campaigns are being planned as well as intent to post photos and videos taken at the Cleanups on the Chapter website and Facebook page.  The group discussed getting business sponsors to gather employees of those businesses to help with cleanups in the area of the business.  It was suggested that New Navy Base Road between Samoa Beach and the Coast Guard Station be considered for a cleanup as it is not a designated highway so is not “adopted” but is littered heavily and directly adjacent to the beach.  A Highway cleanup was scheduled for the following Saturday at 10:00 am.

Humboldt Waste Management Authority meeting was scheduled for later in the week.  With regular “Ban the Bag” representatives out of town, several in attendance planned to attend the meeting.  

National member and future Chapter member, Roger Strickland, introduced himself and the suggestion to promote Surfrider as an “ocean lifestyle” as well as a “waterman’s mentality” in order to attract members who do not surf.  

February 9 – Ocean night at Arcata Theater Lounge
February 14 – Meeting at Humbrews  6:00 pm

Meeting adjourned at 6:54.  Respectfully submitted,

Debbie Topping, Secretary


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  1. We love Hold On To Your Butts! We’re working with the same campaign. 360 billion cigarettes are deposited into the U.S. every year?! C’mon. Check out our website for more details and let us know if we can help: http://www.toxicbutts.com

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