Trinidad Coastal Land Trust Thanks Surfrider Humboldt

Thank you letter from Ben Morehead on behalf of Trinidad Coastal Land Trust for Surfriders sign installation at the camel rock trailhead, and contributions to the Trails Fund account.  Sounds like feedback from beach goers has been positive. We want to thank the Land Trust for their partnership in these efforts, and to everyone in the community who contributed! 

Dear Bill, Mark and Jen,

I wanted to share some recent feedback on the sign you designed, produced and installed at the camel rock trailhead. It looks beautiful and most people appreciate it; top quality, well placed and informative. Your/our surfrider chapter and members have been true stewards of this property and partners w/ our land trust since the land trust took ownership. Its a great example of a community beach park and we look forward to maintaining, managing and ‘developing’ it as we all see fit (ie, maybe a picnic bench up top under the alder; consolidating signage,…). We welcome ideas and proposals from your members and organization. Thanks again for motivating on the sign with patience as both our boards approved drafts. I was out of town when you all installed the sign so if you have a newspaper article write up could you send a scan my way. 

And we so very much appreciate your donations to our Humboldt Area Foundation Trails Fund account. It has allowed us to buy materials and do the trail and rock wall repairs last summer. I hope it will help motivate others to also donate to that account for future work.  And fyi the BLM will soon be replacing the vandalized sign.   

On behalf of our Trinidad Coastal Land Trust board of directors and community members,

thanks and we look forward to working with you on future projects.

Ben Morehead, board president

Trinidad Coastal Land Trust.


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