Camel Cam? Surf 4 Peace? Weigh in!

Dear Chapter members and supporters,

The executive committee needs your feedback. At our last regular chapter meeting, concern was expressed regarding two issues:

1. The Camel Rock Surf Cam
2. Surf 4 Peace

Last year, members expressed a desire for the chapter to take over fees associated with the Camel Rock Surf Cam based on the belief that doing so fits within the access and healthy environment scope of our mission.

The original purpose of the camera, when created by Arcata High’s CEDAR academy, was to help surfers save gas by being able to check the surf from home, therefore driving less when the waves are bad. However, this sentiment was far from universal and one year later, we’re looking at an annual cost of $480, money that could be put towards trail maintenance or similar higher-priority uses.

The current plan is to seek members’ feedback over the next month, then vote at our Oct. 9 meeting on whether or not to continue funding the Camel Rock Surf Cam. At this point, unless our members emphatically demand we keep doing so, the board will likely vote to cease supporting the camera.

With regards to Surf 4 Peace, the history is that Surfrider has typically been a beneficiary of funds raised by the annual contest and has usually had a booth on the beach.
For the first seven years, the contest was held at Trinidad State Beach, with one year taking place at Power Poles, then was switched to the North Jetty last year and held there again this year. While the chapter doesn’t organize the event, this year Surfrider provided the insurance for Surf 4 Peace.

The contest has a notable amount of local support, provides an opportunity for outreach and serves to bring in some always-needed funds to the chapter.

However, since the contest was moved to the North Jetty, some steady controversy about the location has occurred. At the September meeting, several people argued that the North Jetty is an inappropriate location for a surf contest due to potential impacts on the limited wave resource that exists there and their displeasure for Surfrider enabling the contest.

While no consensus was reached, the debate highlighted a need for better and more formal discussion prior to events.

In looking toward next year, we’re hoping members (and other interested folks in the community) will send feedback via email, blog or Facebook comments, as well as regularly attend meetings (second Tuesday of each month at Humboldt Brews) so as to stay updated on what your local Surfrider chapter is doing.

Jennifer Savage
Chairperson, Humboldt Chapter


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