September Meeting Minutes

Surfrider Meeting Minutes September 18, 2012

In attendance from the board: Scott, Jennifer

Other: Lou, Bill Lydgate, Greg, several newcomers

Treasury: $4500 minus outstanding checks to Ocean Conservancy and the Heather Bonser-Bishop fund minus the Camel Cam connection fee ($480) plus S4P cash ($242)

General consensus at the meeting was that Surfrider funding the Camel Cam is a nonprofitable endeavor and that those funds could be better used elsewhere. The plan is to reach out to our membership over the next month for feedback about whether or not we should keep it. At the next meeting we will discuss and vote.

Merch: We need to place an order with the new Matt Beard logo before the year’s up! We need a Square! We are considering calendars with the tides on them, but the cost is high, so one option would be to do some print-on-demand to see how popular they might be.

Clean-up: Next one is @ Samoa Beach, Saturday, October 13.

Hold Onto Your Butts: Jen meeting with Lou to catch up on Tobacco Education Network progress.

Ocean Night: October (Friday, Oct. 5) is selections from Beneath the Waves, November (Thursday, Nov. 1) is Michael Kew.

West Coast Summit: Ventura, Sept. 28-30. Jen is going. The chapter will cover expenses up to $400.

S4P: We sold a bunch of stuff, talked to a number of supporters, had a fine time despite the terrible wave conditions. However, an outspoken contingent showed up to express concern about the event being held at the North Jetty due to all the promotion around it. Read the last email sent out by Surfrider here in response to the Camel Cam and Surf for Peace concerns.




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