RV removed! Lets get this mess cleaned up. Samoa beach cleanup tomorrow 10AM!

We were happy to see the burnt out RV removed promptly off the Peninsula after submitting concerns to multiple agencies regarding the toxic threat it posed to the surrounding area once the rains hit.  There is still a mess left behind from the RV, Surfrider and volunteers plan on tackling that mess tomorrow morning.  We could use your help!!  Please join us in the morning at the first parking lot “Power Poles” on the Peninsula.  We will meet at 10am and disperse to the areas that need the most attention.



Thank you letter to Virginia Bass and Mark Lovelace:


Virginia and Mark,


Thanks very much for facilitating a quick response by the county to get that

burnt wreck removed from the peninsula last week.  I was very pleased to see

it gone the next time I drove out that way after initiating contact with



There is still quite a mess all around the surrounding area, but we’ve

continued to have very good weather so hopefully it has not yet been moved

around too much.


It so happens that Surfrider already planned to do our monthly beach cleanup

this coming Saturday a bit further north up the peninsula.  We talked about

it at our regular member meeting earlier this week and agreed to move down

to the trailer site once our group has gathered.  We’ll bring rakes,

shovels, CalTrans trash bags, and the appropriate safety gear (hi-vis vests,

hard hats, gloves) and remove leftover debris whatever we’re able to.


We will document the process as well and will update you next week.  In the

meantime, please feel free to spread the word if you know of anyone else in

the community who might like to pitch in.  We meet Saturday at 10am at the

“first Power Poles parking lot” just south of the Samoa bridge.



Scott Willits

Treasurer, Surfrider Foundation Humboldt Chapter



4 Responses

  1. This afternoon I spoke with a BLM ranger who is certain he knows who dumped that trailer but since it’s either County or private land he’s powerless to do anything about it outside of his jurisdiction. He’s willing and able to testify though. Since we now have the attention of the Board of Supervisors we need to put the pressure on Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office to take action and make an example of these dirtbags.

    • I agree whole heartedly. I don’t mind doing my part to help clean up the bay, beaches and roadsides that are near them, but it would be nice to see some consequences enforced upon people who blatantly litter and pollute our area! Litterbugs suck!

  2. Thank you so much for pursuing this! I feel almost certain that the removal of the RV was because of your efforts. Thanks Surfriders for pitching in on the cleanup. I wish I could be there in person instead of in spirit.

  3. […] time I wasn’t able to ignore it. Since my last run, I had read a blog from Humboldt Surfriders  (I used to be the group Secretary when I lived on the North Coast) in which action on the part of […]

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