10 Ways You Can Support Humboldt Surfrider

1. Join. Every membership results in a kickback of funds to the local chapter — and also provides more political power when we need it. 
2. Attend a beach or highway clean-up!
3. Come to Ocean Night and make a donation/buy raffle tickets (next Ocean Night isThursday, July 11).
4. Donate prizes to the Ocean Night raffle.
5. Volunteer to table at an event! Fun times, plus you get to talk to people about the importance of the local beaches.
6. Buy an awesome Surfrider hoodie or T-shirt! Available at your local surf shops or via humboldt@surfrider.org.
7. Donate cash, straight up.
8. Get involved with our anti-dumping campaign, Dunes Not Dump!, which addresses illegal dumping on the Samoa peninsula.
9. Purchase/donate a tablet, chairs and table, banner printing or other fundraising supplies to the chapter.
10. Go public! Show up at a meeting, comment on local news, show the world that people in Humboldt care about what’s healthy for the beaches, ocean and waves on our beautiful coast!

Want to really dive in? Consider running for a position on our Executive Committee! Elections coming at the end of the year.

Thanks for all the support!


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