Surfers overlooked in Marine and Coastal Policy: Call for a Federal ‘Minister for Coasts’

Surfers, the largest user contact group of the marine environment in Australia, have been continuously disregarded by government policy makers. Considered to be at the frontline of the coasts, more so than recreational fishers and divers, the opinions of millions of surfers across thousands of beaches in Australia, were being undervalued – and in WA Marine Park policy in particular, concerns go largely ignored.

“It’s a great shame and a slight to the very culture which has come to symbolize so much of our national identity”, said one of Australia’s leading coastal advocates.

Brad Farmer, founder of the Surfrider Foundation, Ocean Care Day and National Surfing Reserves made the comments in Perth today.

“Just this week, we see the Mr Abbott weakening Marine Parks, while in WA, surfers are simply not consulted by DEC when it comes to coasts and marine issues.
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‘Birthright’ – one man’s struggle to transcend

From Humboldt Surfrider treasurer Bill Hoopes:

This humble film is about Michael and his daily ritual to find his natural self through surfing. Take a few moments to watch one man’s struggle to transcend his handicap. Directed by Sean Mullens, who also does the cinematography, the film presents nearly unfathomable courage and spirit.  The film is equally about the spirit of men and women and the draw of the ocean and its waves.  It is well worth the watch and may put your life in perspective

High Surf Predicted to Hit Northcoast

The U.S. National Weather Service is advising beachgoers and sailors to be cautious on the North Coast today due to a large surf expected to peak at 16 feet by noon. Continue reading

Welcome to the 6th Annual Surf4Peace! TODAY!

Surf4Peace is Humboldt County’s only non-profit surf contest. S4P was created to bring the Humboldt County surf and beach community together to benefit coastal and environmental sustainabilit. The event happens at Trinidad State Beach TODAY!

Surf4Peace donates all of its proceeds to one local and one international non profit organization every year that is geared towards peaceful and/or environmental action. This year S4P proceeds will benefit the Humboldt Surfriders Foundation.

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November 14. It will be epic.

Surfrider Shindig at the Arcata Theatre Lounge. Mark it.

(Thanks to the folks at GREENHOUSE for all the love and support.)

“Surfin’ Shorebreak Blues” by Anna Hamilton

Many thanks to Mike Dronkers of KHUM for passing this along: Anna Banana Hamilton, recorded at Curly’s KHUM night, Dec. 1, 2008. The song is dedicated to Randy Foster.

“Surfin’ Shorebreak Blues”

Notes from Monday’s meeting

December 2008 Meeting

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