Ocean Night: Surf flicks and a bottled water battle

“If you eliminate the scourge of bottled water, you’ll be eliminating one of the biggest problems facing our environment” – Capt. Charles Moore

This month’s Ocean Night has been moved to Saturday, Feb. 7 – mark your calendars! 

We’ll start the evening with some sexy surf action, then launch into Divide in Concord, a feature-length documentary that follows a surprisingly entertaining tale of the battle of banning bottled water in small town America.

Film synopsis:

The year was 1775 in Concord, Massachusetts when colonists fired the infamous “shot heard round the world” that began the American Revolution. One hundred years later, the work of local resident Henry David Thoreau began the environmental movement. And now, the spirit of revolution has returned to town.

Jean Hill, a fiery 84-year-old widow and mother of four, wants to ban the sale of bottled water from Concord. Her path begins when her grandson tells her about the disastrous environmental effects of the empty plastic bottles. Jean presents a bylaw to ban the sale of single-serve plastic bottles at the 2010 and 2011 Town Meetings. After losing by seven votes in 2011, she vows to continue the crusade with neighbor and Harvard Law Grad, Jill Appel.

If enacted, the law would be the first of its kind in the world. But all are not in agreement with the ban. Merchants are wary of the bylaw. Philanthropist, mother, model and celebrity publicist Adriana Cohen takes the fight to the spotlight, calling the ban an attack on freedom. With billions of dollars at stake, The International Bottled Water Association sends in the cavalry.

The town is abuzz as Patriot’s Day celebrations begin. War re-enactors take the field, cannons fire at dawn, and the parades commence. April’s Town Meeting provides the stage for Concord’s latest battle. From the town that began modern-day America and Environmentalism, springs a new Revolution.

After the film, we’ll have a Q&A with the filmmakers, followed by our Always Exciting™ raffle! 

Saturday, Feb. 7
Doors 6:30p
Films 7p
$3 donation suggested