The Absynth Quintet (finally) plays for Humboldt Surfrider

Who's excited to play Ocean Night?

Those banjo players are quick, but the stand-up bass and Tofu’s drum kit weighed down the Absynth Quintet boys just long enough for us to catch up to them, grab’em by an ear and say, “Play for us, darn you!” Knowing what was good for them, they put on their smilingest faces and promised to show up at Arcata Theatre Lounge for our August 5 Ocean Night. Now that we’ve corralled them, please make it worth everyone’s while by coming out to support great music and important causes.

As always, Ocean Night is sponsored by Humboldt Surfrider, Humboldt Baykeeper and Ocean Conservancy. It’s all ages and we’re asking a $3-$10 donation – a bit more than usual, but it’s an extra-special and slightly more expensive night – clearly, a total bargain! (Also seeking business sponsorships – email

Films for the Thursday, Aug. 5 event are:

Can you break the habit?

Bag It – Is Your Life Too Plastic?

Shelter, from the Moonshine Conspiracy:

We’re also featuring a video from Team Marine and some cool underwater freediving footage from locals Andrew Weltz and Kirby Morejohn.


May meeting notes (aka What We’ve Been Doing and What We’re About to Do and How You Can Help)

Missed the May meeting? Quite likely. Read Bean’s report…

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Poop plumes taint Trinidad? (corrected date)

A must-hear: Wednesday, March 18 on KHUM 104.3 FM, Humboldt Baykeeper’s Pete Nichols and radio personality Mike Dronkers discuss water quality near Westhaven. Trinidad’s septic systems, upstream cows, and road runoff all lead to questionable conditions for area surfers.

You can also listen via and, if you miss it, grab the podcast from that same source or through iTunes.