Why join?

To join Surfrider, click here. Don’t forget to select “Humboldt Chapter 24” as your chapter !

  • Because you care about the ocean.
  • Because you care about the beach.
  • Because you care about the waves.
  • Because you care about water quality.
  • Because you care about trash on the sand and in the sea.
  • Because you care about marine life.
  • Because you care about preserving access to public resources.
  • Because you want to ensure someone’s paying attention to the issues facing Humboldt’s coastline.

Surfrider Foundation’s Humboldt Chapter strives to keep our beaches and ocean a cleaner place to be. We’re partnering with other organizations toward that goal, as well as working on our own Rise Above Plastics campaign. We’re improving access and amenities at popular beaches. We hold regular beach and highway clean-ups. We’re represented on local wave energy projects. We keep surfers and other ocean lovers informed as to issues facing the North Coast.

Goals for Humboldt Surfrider:

  • Continue working on Rise Above Plastics.
  • Identify water quality testing gaps, particularly on the Samoa peninsula and in the Trinidad area, and work to fill them.
  • Continue ensuring and improving access and amenities at Moonstone Beach by working with the property owner, the county and the North Coast Land Trust to install signage, Dogi-pots and a new shower for the community.
  • Continue cleaning up beaches and our stretch of highway.
  • Continue hosting super fun events to raise money for our projects — and to thank our awesome members!

4 Responses

  1. the “join” button isn’t set up surf techies 🙂

  2. Good point! (Again!)

    Please note, I have not only added a link to the original post on this page, but also when folks click our logo in the “Join” box on the home page, they will be taken to the appropriate page.

    Thanks for reminding me to make it easier!

  3. Greetings,
    I am writing you to request the Surfriders assistance in stopping the U.S. Navy’s attempt to expand the NorthWest Training Range Complex. The NWTRC proposal will extend down the Northern California coastline into Mendocino County. The U.S. Navy will be using live ordinance, long range sonar and has permission to incidently kill marine life. The NWTRC is a coastline activity. It will affect all of us living on the coast as well as endangered species that live in our coastal region.
    The comment period was only 30 days and ends on Sunday, October 31st. After reviewing your website, it appears that the Surfrider Foundation is unaware of this new development. I certainly was until yesterday when a friend at Eureka Natural Foods passed along some information. Now that I am aware of the Navy’s intentions, I am spending my time to tell others. Please help with this effort.
    We are asking that the U.S. Navy extends the public comment period for another 60 days. We need your help to get the word out. There will be a rally at the county courthouse in Eureka tomorrow, Wednesday the 27th, from 12 – 1 pm. We hope to see Surfrider Foundation members there. Please join us and spread the word.
    If you want to view the final environmental impact statement, go to http://www.nwtrangecomplexeis.com

    Thank You!

    • I was literally about to post about this issue when I saw your comment! Thank you for your post, Casssandra.

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