Want to help out? We have lots of opportunities, including:

  • tabling at events
  • working to Rise Above Plastics
  • helping at beach and/or highway clean-ups
  • joining a water quality task force
  • documenting our events through photography or video
  • coordinating events with other environmental nonprofits

Don’t see the perfect fit? Tell us what you’d like to do!

Email humboldt@surfrider.org.


5 Responses

  1. Hi, I am interested in volunteering for wildlife, environmental clean-up regarding this oil disaster.
    I am not a US resident (Canadian). How does one become involved? Thanks

  2. i have signed up on humboldt surfrider lists multiple times but never received any emails. can you please add me to your email list so i can be alerted to chapter events, activities, meetings, opportunities. i would really like to help out when i can!!!!! also, i do not see a way to join on line, so information on how to join/rejoin would be helpful (i am a member of surfrider, but maybe not member of local chapter???)

  3. Former member here, just looking for some kind of work in California, paid or pro bono, just looking for something. In Alaska, now, back in Cali’ around October?

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